Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey all, Here is a collection of uC/OS-II questions that would be of great interest and that can be discussed !

1. Expansion of uC/OS-II ?
2. What is the footprint size of uC/OS-II ?
3. Roughly, how man lines of code is it ?
4. What type of scheduler is supported by uC/OS-II ?
5. Does uc/OS-II RTOS support nested interrupts ? To how many levels ?
6. What are the APIs that play a significant role in uC/OS-II initialization ?
7. Binary semaphore in uC/OS-II use priority cieling to address priority inversion - True/False ?
8. What is the exact context switch time in uC/OS-II RTOS ?
9. Does uC/OS-II RTOS support MMU ?
10. Is it possible to use uC/OS-II RTOS without MMU ?
11. What could be the best reason/scenario for selecting uC/OS-II RTOS ?
12. Which is the lowest prirority task in uC/OS-II RTOS ?
13. The idle task is always the lowest-priority task and can not be deleted or suspended by usertasks - True / False ?
14. The idle task consumes some of the processor resources - True / False ? How to reduce the resource usage ?
15. What are the various states of task in uC/OS-II RTOS ?
16. Explain Task Scheduling in uC/OS-II RTOS ?
17. Task-level scheduling and ISR-level scheduling are done by OS_Sched() and OSIntExit(), respectively - True/False ?
18. Task level scheduling invokes a software interrupt for context switches in uC/OS-II RTOS - True / False ?
19. Why are interrupts disabled while identifying the high-prirority ready task ?
20. Which API services Clock ticks ?
21. uC/OS-II RTOS lacks soft realtime support - True / False.
22. Does uC/OS-II RTOS support sempahore / Tell about OSSemPend and OSsemPost use ?
23. Tell about the use of mailbox in uC/OS=II RTOS ?
24. If there is already a message in the mailbox, then an error is returned, and also it is not overwritten - True/False
25. uC/OS-II does not automatically check for the status of stacks - True/False
26. What is the use of OSTaskStkCheck() ?
27. How will you port uC/OS-II RTOS ?
28. While porting, Where do you do the compiler specific data type and processor specific changes for porting uC/OS-II RTOS or What are the changes specific to OS_CPU.h ?
29. WHat is the use of HOOK functions / APIs ?
30. How can you identify the exten to which the CPU is busy ?
31. WHere do you do the interrupt related processor specific changes for porting uC/OS-II RTOS ? or What are the changes to be done in OS_CPU_A.ASM ?
32. Tell about Message Queues operation ?
33. What is the difference between Mailbox and Message queue in uC/OS-II RTOS ?
34. What are hooks ?

PS - uC/OS-III RTOS has got released in March 2009 . The above questions have been framed based on uC/OS-II RTOS only.