Friday, June 18, 2010

Multicore processor

Initially multicore processors were used mainly in telecom industry. But, nowadays, these multicore processors have made inroads into almost every technology/industry. Here are a few basic multicore processor based questions that can be discussed upon..

1. Will increasing the number of cores, increase the throughput of your system ?
2. What are the general methods of communication between the cores ?
3. When is it better to use single core processor compared to multi-core processor ?
4. If the CPU in a multi-core processor updates the data in the cache, copies of data in caches associated with other cores will become stale. How is the multicore processor designed to handle this scenario ?
5. What is 'Run to Completion' software architecture ?
6. What is a 'Pipelined' software architecture ?
7. What is the difference between 'Run to Completion' and 'Pipelined' software architecture ?
8. How is the debugging and testing environment in the case of multithreaded/multiprocessing applications ?
9. At what point does adding more processors or computers to the computation pool slow things down instead of speeding them up?
10. Is there an optimal number of processors for any given parallel program?
11. How Many Processes or Threads are enough for an application ?

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