Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey everyone, here is the list of possible GTP protocol questions that can be discussed.

1. What is GTP ?
2. Why is GTP used ?
3. What is the equivalent of GTP protocol that can be used in roaming architecture in LTE ?
4. Is GTP over TCP or UDP ? Which is the preferred transport protocol for GTP ?
5. What are the variants of GTP ?
6. Which is the latest version of GTP-C and GTP-U ?
7. What is the use of GTP-C, GTP-U and GTP' ?
8. Which version introduced replaced TID with TEID ?
9. What is a TEID made of ?
10. What is the content of user payload of GTP ?
11. How is a tunnel identified in GTP-U ?
12. What is the use of GTP-U tunnel ?
13. How do the entities know the destination TEID for communication ?
14. What is a T-PDU ?
15. What is a G-PDU ?
16. What do you call the inner IP packet as ?
17. What will happen if the resultant outer IP packet is larger than the MTU of the first link towards the destination of GTPv1-U endpoint ?
18. Will the hopcount / TTL be changed by the tunnel endpoint ? Will any other entity perform it in LTE ?
19. What is the relation between fragmentation and bandwidth ?
20. Which interfaces are GTP based in LTE ?
21. What is the other protocol that can be used instead of GTP in LTE ?
22. What is the main responsibility of GTP-C ?
23. How many GTP-U tunnels can be established for a single user ?
24. How are GTP-U tunnels mapped in LTE ?
25. What is a tunnel endpoint made of ?
26. How many TEID-C can be there for a PDN connection ?
26. Is TEID unidirectional or bi-directional ?27. Does GTPv2 provide fallback to GTPv1 and GTPv0 ?
28. Why is GTPv0 not promoted ?
29. Which message shares TEID of MME to SGW and vice versa?
30. Which message shares TEID of SGW to PGW and vice versa?

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