Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Here are few possible discussion questions related to SCTP protocol

1. What are the advantages of SCTP over TCP ?
2. What is multi-srtreaming in SCTP ?
3. What is multi-homing in SCTP ?
4. How is SCTP more secure than TCP ?
5. What is the use of V-Tag in SCTP ?
6. Is there any difference between the SACK of TCP and SACK of SCTP ?
7. Can SCTP allow transfer of un-ordered packets ?
8. How do you send large packets over SCTP ?
9. Who takes care of fragmentation at the sender side of SCTP and Who takes care of re-assembly at the receiver side of SCTP ?
10. What is an association ? How is it created ? To what functionality of TCP is it equivalent to ?
11. Where is SCTP used widely as of now ?
12. Can a packet packet carry only the control chunk ? Name few singleton chunks ?
13. How many data chunks can be part of a packet ?
14. What is the relation between TSN, SN and SI ?
15. What are the two random values that are generated during the setup of association ?
16. When are the ip addresses of endpoints exchanged ?
17. What is an endpoint ?
18. Is a stream in SCTP uni-directional or bi-directional ?
19. Can an association have more streams in one direction than in other direction ? That is, can inbound streams be greater than outbound streams ?
20. Can the stream number start randomly ?
21. When are the valid stream number range set ?
22. What will the receiver do if the messages are out of order in a stream ?
23. What will the receiver do if fragmented message is received ?
24. Which field plays a key role in detection of lost data chunks ?
25. When a SCTP packet arrives at the receiver, is it possible to process the data chunks before control chunks ?
26. What is the use of U B E bits (Chunk flags) ?
27. Is it possible for a single chunk to have both B and E bit set  ? What does it refer to ?
28. How is the receiver window size conveyed to the sender ?
29. What is the use of cookie and cookie-echo ? What are the contents of cookie ? How is stale cookie identified ?
30. What is SYN flood ? How is it avoided in SCTP ?
31. What is the equivalent of TCP FIN in SCTP ? Is shutdown procedure of 2-way or 3-way or 4-way handshake in SCTP ?
32. What is Head-of-line blocking and how unnecessary Head-of-line blocking are avoided in SCTP ?
33. Can a INIT-ACK chunk have the other NIC interface address rather than that of the main address ?
34. How to determine the number of duplicate TSN report ?
35. What does the field 'Number of Fragments' refer to in SACK ?
36. How is SCTP a mix of UDP and TCP features ?
37. What is the boundary alignment for chunks ?
38. Will the length field include the padding bytes also ? Will the CRC cover the entire SCTP packet (that is, will it cover the SCTP common header + chunks) ?
39. Can a control chunk or data chunk go along with INIT or INIT-ACK chunk ? Can a control chunk or data chunk go along with COOKIE or COOKIE-ECHO chunks ?
40. What are the types of sockets w.r.t SCTP ?
41. What is the relation between initiation tag and verification tag ?
42. Can an SCTP endpoint have more than 1 IP addresses and more than 1 port numbers ?
43. How many associations can be had between any two endpoints ?
44. Do un-ordered messages within a stream have SSN ?
45. What is the encoding format of chunks ?
46. Which chunk conveys the inbound and outbound streams ?
47. How to identify unrecognized chunks ?
48. What is the equivalent of TCP RST in SCTP ?
49. What are the fields/contents of SCTP common header ?
50. What is the use of Heartbeat chunk ?

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