Monday, June 6, 2011

DSP Processor - ADSP 2181

Lets discuss about ADSP 2181 based on below queries:-

1. What is the use of Barrel Shifter in ADSP 2181 ?
2. Give Examples of Variable Declarations & Initialisations in ADSP ?
3. What are the sources of PM Address for the sequencer ?
4. What is the difference between IDLE instruction and Slow IDLE instruction in ADSP-2181 ?
5. Why is Caution required while ending a loop with a JUMP, CALL, RETURN, or IDLE instruction ?
6. How are interrupt vectors spaced in ADSP-2181 ?
7. What happens during interrupt occurance and which registers are pushed on the Stack in ADSP-2181 ?
8. Tell about the Interrupts available in ADSP 2181 ?
9. Difference between Edge-Sensitive and Level-Sensitive Interrups ?
10. What are the types of JUMP instructions in ADSP2181 ? Explain .
11. What is DO UNTIL ?
12. What is Interrupt Force and Clear Register (IFC) ?
13. What are the Status Registers in ADSP-2181 ?
14. Tell about the On-Chip STACKs in ADSP-2181 ?
15. Tell an instruction for Global Enable/Disable of Servicing of Interrupts ?
16. Disabling the interrupts does not affect serial port autobuffering or DMA - TRUE / FALSE ?
17. What is the speciality of 'PowerDown' and 'Reset' Interrupt in ADSP2181 ?
18. Which interrupt can be Level-Sensitive and Which can be Edge-Sensitive ?
19. When does ADSP2181 Mask all interrupt automatically ?
20. What are 3 LOW Power Modes ?
21. Does CLKOUT pint increase power dissipation ?
22. Explain with difference the following modes - Power-Down, Idle and Slow Idle modes.
23. What is MMAP and PMOVLAY Register in ADSP2181 ?
24. Tell about the drawbacks of DO UNTIL and also Tell about the relation of DO UNTIL with Nested Loops ?
25. Tell about Autobuffering w.r.t ADSP ?
26. What is the use of Bit-Reversal Mode in ADSP and its relation with FFT ?
27. What is Memory Overlay ?

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