Friday, June 10, 2011

C - II

I have enlisted the questions related to C that can be used for discussion !

1. Will the Free API (after calling Malloc) return the Memory back to the OS or the Application ?

2. How to do array assignment ?

3. What could be the gud way to check 'Close enough' equality using Floats ?

4. What is the Problem of Floating Points with '==' operator in C . On what is that dependent upon ?

5. Tell about the size of 'empty structs' in C ?

6. Why does C language permits an extra comma in initializer list

7. What does the below do ? z = x++ +( y += x++) ;

8. What is nested union ? How is it useful ?

9. How wil you pass unions to functions or pointers to unions ?

10. What is the Behaviour of realloc for NULL argument ?

11. Write a Macro to swap 2 bytes

12. Write a Macro to swap 2 bytes

13. Write small program to Set a Bit, Clear a Bit, Toggle a Bit, Test a Bit (or Demonstrate simple Bit Manipulation in C)

14. Use #define to Set Bit, Clr Bit, Toggle and Test Bit of a volatile status register (Port) - Bit Manipulations to set/clear a bit of a particular Port Register

I would be updating this Part 2 on regular basis till it reaches to around a few reasonable number of C interview questions.

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